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Metric Jet Medic Wrench (Typically used on 25HP Mercury)

Metric Jet Medic Wrench (Typically used on 25HP Mercury)

The Metric Jet Medic wrench is made for motor setups that run the AEM pump. Please refer to the pump model on your motor to verify your pump size. Typically this pump is used on the Mercury 25HP motors.


The Jet Medic wrench is a custom designed 304 alloy Stainless steel wrench, used to maintain lower units on large outboard jet pumps. This wrench will service intake shoe's that requires a 10MM wrench and an impellor nut that requires a 15/16" wrench. This wrench is an all in one combination that will do the following:


1. Remove the shoe

2. Remove the impeller nut

3. Clean foreign objects from the intake grate

4. Adjust trim tabs on the exhaust tube


NOTE: Shoe bolt sizes and impellor nut sizes correspond with each other. 


Patent Number: 11,628,551

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