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Jet Medic Wrench

    Family, friends, and the river. At Jet Medic LLC we understand these things to be life’s most coveted assets. Nothing is as precious as memories made while spending time on the water.

    Whether you’re a seasoned boater, or this is your first year on the pond, at some point in your career you will be faced with the obligation of servicing your outboard jet while you are on the water.

    Every boater carries their own homebrewed, hodgepodge of rusty nonsense with the hopes of solving whatever circumstance afflicts them. If you don't happen to have the thing you need, your options are, hopefully borrow something that will work from someone else's collection of junk, or, be stranded. Nevertheless, your success depends on the availability of what's on hand.

    After years of on-site repairs, and one impromptu "float trip" we decided to liberate enough time to consider a solution to satisfy the most common problems encountered while on the water.

    The Jet Medic Tool is, what we believe, an all in one, multiuse device thoughtfully designed and crafted to last. Our concept is, if you have this tool on board, then, you have what you need. 

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Making servicing your lower unit easier!!

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